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30 Nov

Watkins Home Products Business Delivers the Goods

During the weakest of economic times we’ve seen in decades, this is a time when many people are desperately looking for extra income and a permanent solution to their economic woes.  Enter the Watkins home-based business opportunity.  Watkins is not a get rich quick scheme, but an honest, legitimate, down-to-earth way of making many part-time […]

02 Sep

Work From Home Goldmine is Your Blueprint for Online Wealth

I highly encourage you to download and read the free ebook, Work From Home Goldmine.  The book includes 20 chapters and over 200 pages of essential information for creating and operating a Watkins home-based business.  No subject has been overlooked.  From a complete history of Watkins to coverage of Watkins 350 products, how much money […]

31 Aug

Watkins is Top Home-Based Business for Dads recently conducted a huge survey of home-based business opportunities and concluded that Watkins products offers the best home-based business opportunity for Moms and Dads looking for part-time income.  The website cited 15 criteria that Watkins passed with flying colors. 
A great review of the 15 criteria that led to this conclusion, along with a very […]

30 Jun

Watkins Products Summit Group

The Watkins products Summit Group represents the largest single sales organization of associates selling Watkins products.  In all, 6000 Watkins associates belong to the Watkins products Summit Group.  The group was founded by Watkins associate superstar Steve Bretzke, a highly successful network marketer and one of the most successful associates in Watkins history.
Your truly, your […]

30 May

Corporate Exec Becomes Watkins Associate

Who said Watkins is only for stay-at-home moms, retirees and old maids?   I’m living proof that a corporate executive can find immense success and happiness selling Watkins products.  There are several key reasons why corporate executives should consider buidling a Watkins home-based business. 
We recommend starting your Watkins business parttime, then building it to an income […]

28 May

Work From Home Dad Finds Success With Watkins

When people ask me these days how to build a golden nest egg to help them in retirement, I always recommend a Watkins home-based business over and above anything else.  Watkins is more than a product manufacturer, although the wonderful Watkins company manufacturers 350 different personal and home care products.  Watkins is a way of […]

22 May

Watkins Vanilla Remains Top Seller

Watkins vanilla and Watkins double-strenght vanilla remain two of the most popular of all Watkins products.  Other big sellers still include Watkins black pepper  and Watkins liniment.

22 May

Watkins Products Meet the Highest Standard

Watkins over-the-counter products are designed and manufactured according to the strictest guidelines set forth by the USFDA (i.e. U.S. Food and Drug Administration).  Each and every Watkins Product can be purchased online and comes with a moneyback guarantee. 

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